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A view into the mind of Jason

Welcome to Evilness
Tuesday, April 21 2020 @ 01:18 MDT


There is a possibility that the Russian government, through hackers, may have interfered with the US election, by which hacking into a DNC email server and then leaking the information to Wikileaks while also having hacked into an RNC email server and sitting on that information. This begs two questions, why would Putin and the Russian government want Trump as president, and does this compromise Trump and his administration from a security standpoint.

Pizza Dough

Kipped this from the internet when I needed a bread machine pizza dough recipe. Tastes pretty good.

Noachian flood and the physics of water.

There are many that believe that the Noachian flood in the Bible actually happened despite there being absolutely no geologic evidence of such a global catastrophe happening, not to mention several contemporary civilizations completely failing to a) mention the event and b) being wiped out by it. Of course there's another reason to discount this event as happening, and it comes from physics

How we know there's no counter-Earth hiding behind the Sun.

For centuries there has been speculation about another planet on the same orbit as the Earth, but hiding behind the Sun. Sometimes this is used as a plot device in science fiction or by some conspiracy theorist to explain something. The reality is we know there isn't a planet hiding behind the Sun and here's why:

March 'em to the trains.

This is the story, the story of a boy who was born in Canada to parents who were naturalized citizens of Canada. A boy whose only citizenship and only country he ever new was Canada. A boy whose family had been Canada 30 years and a country he had lived in his entire 11 years. A boy whose citizenship was removed from him (making him stateless) for the crime of being the wrong race under the guise of security.

What I do in science

Occasionally I get asked as to what I actually research in astronomy so I thought I'd create a post that explains what my current research project is about. First some generalities: my interests in astronomy are related to stellar evolution and galaxy interactions (these topics are generally unrelated, though galaxy mergers do set off a storm of star formation in disk (spiral) galaxies). Specifically I find how stars end their lives quite fascinating. Supernovae, black holes, pulsars/neutron stars, planetary nebulae and white dwarfs are all majorly cool in my world.

Asteroids: why we should look for them and how we do it.

In the past few years the astronomical community has begun to expend a fair bit of resources in the search for asteroids. Apart from the curiosity aspect of looking for such objects, there is a real, practical reason to locate these things: an asteroid collision with the Earth.

Why Senate reform will never happen under Stephen Harper's watch.

Rumours abounded today when the National Post reported that Stephen Harper would be announcing a call to abolish the Senate. Turns out Harper was just announcing that he wouldn't appoint any more senators at this time. The rational given for not appointing new senators is to force the provinces to play ball.

Is Harper spooked?

It hit the news today that Stephen Harper has decided that he will not participate in a nationally televised debate but only in a few select debates with what can be described as "Conservative friendly" media outlets. Given the timing of this announcement one wonders if the recent election of the NDP in what has generally been an overwhelmingly Conservative province of Alberta has spooked Dear Leader.

What happened in Alberta?

So at the end of Tuesday's provincial general election we have ended up with a majority NDP government. This is in line with what the polls had been saying for a week though still a shock in a province that hasn't voted for a non conservative party for 82 years. This has left progressives in a state of exuberance and conservatives in a state of panicked shock.
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